MOGA 2016

This October was held in Essaouira, the first MOGA festival. A major event bringing together almost fifty artists from around the world, international and Moroccan DJ, famous and emergent talent bring together in the wind city, theater of Game of throne.

Official photographer of the festival I was fortunate to live within these four days very intense and very colorful.

Day One, let’s open it.

At the Forest stage, ETSU, from Morocco (via France), dispatching his electro musique with his rock’n roll flavor.

From the main stage you can hear the beat of CHAIM, this israelian DJ based in Berlin mixe oriantal inspiration with chicago groove

DARWIN is in the forest stage and she’s playing strong music with a melancolic mood

Day One

At the pool stage, LE MELLOTRON, the parisian music box, is going smoothie between light and dark

Day One, the great mix.

dOP meet the famous Gnawa maalem Boussou and the fusion drive the main stage audiance to the edge.

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Day one, deep night, the music still going on

At the end of the night, on the forest stage, was the strong and crowed set of SIS (Germany).

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An amazing afternoon ending with one the most beautiful  sunset of this part of the world

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Day two, is beginning with the famous pool party at the Sofitel.

Featuring the bright Lee Burridge from great britain.

In the darkness of the forest stage comes the bass of Eddy Ramich, the croatian beat from the Est.

Day two

Kode9 alias steeve Goodman is a major DJ of the english electronic music scene. His set was tense and deep, sharp like a knife.

Day two

On the main stage its the come back of dOP with this time their live singer.

The crowd is no wrong and shout out the joy of this show.

Day two, are you alive?

Ame Live, take all the space of the main stage and electrify the crowd with this smooth spiritual set

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At the forest stage the happy crew and crowd cheer the smiling Jay Douzi

Day three

In the intimate place of the pool stage we could here the groove of SeeJay

MAGDA sculpt the air and the music to give the maximum of her minimal techno.

Day three

 Secret47 is playing with shadows at the main stage, his music is an unexpected flow.

Day three, it comes the duet

Originaly from italy,  the brothers of MIND AGAINST, lives in Berlin where they produce an hypnotic techno.

Mr ID is from morocco but his soul should be from the us, smooth and groove by the pool in the deep night.

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Day three

Boss of the famous label Death & life, Tennis is also a famous DJ. Italie, germany, USA, is going around the world to spread the good vibes

Many thanks to Panda production for the trust, especially to Yan that was a perfect man to work with. Hope see you guys next year.

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