Tribal dolls in essaouira with a slice of social project

in Essaouira we can be the lucky witness of strange encounters

Very different people can come together in one place and try to be creative and make some solidarity action.

First you have to meet colleen, the queen of tribal dolls. An australian woman, former plastic artist playing with huge mosaic pieces and now practicing in Essaouira.

She teach to anyone who wants to learn how to make dolls with just peace of fabric found in the flee market.

Then you invite some moroccan famous painters from Essaouira and you explain them the idea.

Of course its about creativity, there is not real rules expect the basics and what will be done at the moment …

Nothing is wrong, because nothing is predictable.

its like an alias of ourself made of rags.

And finally you put together all those people in a nice social idea of sharing art and solidarity.

If the workshop is taking place at the art gallery « Mashi Mushki », this is no accident.

Jeremy and Paolo are running more than a fancy art gallery, they added Project 91 to it. (Project 91 is a small charity aimed at helping young people in Essaouira. Find out more at

People who are coming to practicing to make dolls participate to this project as much as they want.

if you want to participate in this project you can easily contact PROJECT 91 on their facebook page.

A big thank you to colleen Cassar to share her passion, to jeremy and paolo for the invitation and of course to all the participant of this strange doll creativity, even the most famous and mysterious painters of Essaouira.

Its alaways a blessing to be the witness photographer.

if you are interested in the project 91, do not hesitate to bring your help.

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